Eden Boys’ School, Birmingham judged ‘outstanding’ in first Ofsted inspection

Staff, pupils, parents and governors from Eden Boys’ School, Birmingham are celebrating after their school was judged to be ‘outstanding’ in all categories, in its first Ofsted inspection since officially opening in September 2015.

Ofsted visited the secondary school in Wellhead Lane in late May. The inspectors’ report commends the school for how well it cares for its pupils, the exceptional academic progress they make and the range of personal development opportunities from which pupils benefit.

School leaders, governors and Star Academies were praised for being “fully committed to ensuring that it [the school] provides a first-class education for its pupils”.

Inspectors commented that there is “an absolute conviction that each pupil in the school will succeed academically, as well as developing a strong character with a sense of community responsibility. This uncompromising determination ensures an outstanding education for pupils in the school. This conviction is found in all staff and governors and is a shared vision with the trust board.”

Key findings of Ofsted’s report include:

  • “The Principal’s outstanding leadership and passionate commitment to every pupil inspires staff and pupils to have the highest aspirations. Consequently, pupils make outstanding progress from their starting points.”
  • “Leadership at all levels is strong. Leaders have ensured that staff across the school understand their job roles and what is expected of them. Support staff and newly qualified teachers, as well as middle and senior leaders, are clear about the school’s priorities and the part they play in delivering the best education for the pupils.”
  • “Those responsible for governance have been determined and successful in creating an aspirational school where pupils receive a high standard of education, so that they become successful and contributing members of the community.”
  • “Pupils who have SEN and/or disabilities make the same outstanding progress as other pupils in the school. They achieve exceptionally well because teachers plan well for their individual needs and teaching assistants provide highly effective support.”
  • “Pupils’ behaviour is exemplary. They are polite, considerate and mature. Pupils value the opinions of their classmates. They work well together and want the best for each other.”
  • “Pupils enjoy taking part in the many projects designed to develop their skills and understanding of the world in which they live. … On Fridays, pupils run a food bank for the local community. They have also taken part in the St Basil’s sleep out at Birmingham cathedral each year.”
  • “Attendance is well above the national average and very few pupils miss a day of school. This is because pupils value the education that they receive and have a real sense of belonging to the school community.”
  • “A rich array of extra-curricular activities enables pupils to boost their skills and knowledge and take up new interests, which include many opportunities to explore future careers.”

Asiyah Ravat, Principal of Eden Boys’ School, Birmingham, said:

“I am delighted that our school has been recognised as ‘outstanding’ in our first Ofsted inspection since opening. It was thrilling to read how impressed the inspectors were regarding the quality of teaching, and the immense impact this has had on the development of our children.

“It is wonderful that all members of the school community have been praised so highly, from how well-mannered our pupils are to the constant support we receive from the governors and Star Academies. I am extremely proud that the vision for the school is being realised, which is ultimately changing the lives of our pupils.”

Abdul Rahim, Chair of Governors, added:

“It was extremely pleasing to read the excellent Ofsted report, which is testament to all the hard work that has been applied over an extensive period in order to make Eden Boys’ School, Birmingham successful. The findings are proof that we have a committed body of staff which truly cares about every single pupil and their education.

“The inspectors acknowledged the commitment and determination displayed by the governors, and we will strive to continue supporting the school in the same way we have been doing since the beginning.”

Click here to read the full Ofsted report for Eden Boys’ School, Birmingham.

Eden Boys’ School’s ‘outstanding’ Ofsted result completes a hat trick of the highest grades for Star schools inspected in May of this year. All three of Star’s free schools that opened in September 2015 have now been inspected by Ofsted and achieved an ‘outstanding’ rating.

Click here to read the full Ofsted report for Eden Girls’ School, Slough.

Click here to read the full Ofsted report for Eden Boys’ School, Preston.

Mufti Hamid CBE, Star Academies’ Chief Executive, commented:

“We couldn’t be prouder of these ‘outstanding’ results. It is incredibly pleasing that the hard work and dedication of staff, governors, pupils and parents has been recognised by Ofsted. Thank you to everyone who has contributed to these results and, more importantly, to making these three schools such excellent learning establishments that are indeed achieving what we set out to do – to ensure every young person is given the best education, opportunities and experiences possible.”

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