Our Pledges of Excellence

Pledge to Pupils and Parents

The Trust makes a pledge to every parent or carer who chooses to send their child to a Star school. We pledge:

  • High expectations
  • A high-powered, knowledge-based academic curriculum
  • Carefully focused traditional teaching, rigorous tracking and personalised intervention
  • Highly qualified staff that are motivated, well-trained and using cutting edge research
  • A rich and diverse leadership programme that grows character and inspires charitable and social action

Pledge to Staff

The Trust makes a pledge to every Star employee.  We pledge:

  • An ordered and respectful environment so that teachers can concentrate on teaching and pupils can focus on learning
  • A strong commitment to developing a highly engaged workforce, where every employee understands and owns the organisation’s objectives and the part they play in achieving them and feels valued for their contribution
  • A supportive and enjoyable working environment that encourages and facilitates team, charitable and volunteering opportunities and promotes corporate social responsibility
  • Excellent pay, employee benefits and terms and conditions that match or exceed national agreements
  • Structured training, leadership development and career progression programmes with an opportunity to learn from, and collaborate with the best talent in the education sector today

Pledge to the Community

The Trust assures every community in which its schools are located, irrespective of so-called social standing, that their aspirations deserve to be met and that there will be no settling for second-best: we will deliver only to the highest standards. We pledge:

  • Schools of premier standard, capable of meeting pupil aspirations
  • Pupils recruited from local neighbourhoods to make social mobility a reality and not an aspiration
  • Empowerment of every one of the local communities our schools serve
  • Hope and practical assistance to those communities needing to raise the quality of life in their neighbourhoods and across social and ethnic divisions
  • School buildings and facilities at the centre of local neighbourhoods where they can help create community and social cohesion

Pledge to Schools

The Trust makes a pledge to every school that chooses to become a Star academy. We pledge:

  • A universal vision of nurturing today’s young people and inspiring tomorrow’s leaders
  • A skilled Central Team that works alongside schools to deliver educational excellence, operational excellence and a strong Star community
  • High quality school improvement support
  • A collaborative approach to policy and systems development
  • An investment in staff wellbeing and continuous development
  • A strong and vibrant Star community
  • An opportunity to make a social impact

We can promise, with confidence, that the implementation and alignment of the Pledges will apply across all areas of the Trust and its effectiveness will be reflected within all pupil, parent, community and staff experiences.

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