Our Star

The star is adopted by all of our organisations as a universal – and instantly recognisable – emblem of excellence. Many schools award gold stars to pupils for good work, consistent attendance and model behaviour – just as many charities rely on the star as a representation of hope – but for us, a star isn’t just a sticker in our pupils’ books or a symbol of optimism for people to wish upon in their times of need, it’s integral to our aspirations and central to our brand.

We want to create outstanding organisations that promote educational excellence, character development and service to communities – organisations that encourage our pupils, their families and the local community to look upward to a better future and a brighter tomorrow. We want our staff to believe that the sky is the limit in terms of their career goals, and that we will invest in them to ensure that they have the skills required to become stars in their own right.

Humanity has long looked to stars for guidance, direction and as a sign of hope, much like pupils look to their teachers for inspiration, staff look to their managers for leadership, and those less fortunate look to society for salvation – but we don’t just want to be one star amidst thousands, we want to be the star that stands out from the crowd and leads the way for others to follow.

Just as the sun provides sustenance for our planet to flourish, our vision is to nurture today’s young people and inspire tomorrow’s leaders, so that all of our pupils and staff grow to fulfil their potential and shine as brightly as possible. We want every individual who works in a Star organisation, every pupil that attends a Star school and every volunteer that gives their time to Star Charity to become stars of their own making, with the tenacity, enthusiasm and self-belief to pave their own way in society, while doing all they can for others. The star represents our ambition to be the prism through which young people develop an identity, staff derive a purpose, and everyone in the community feels a sense of belonging to something greater than themselves.

The star also embodies the essence of our values: Service, Teamwork, Ambition and Respect.

We have come to associate the star with those who selflessly serve their communities. By creating a symbol that is synonymous with those who we hold in such high esteem for their philanthropy, our pupils and staff can wear our star with pride, knowing that they are also striving to make a difference to local, national and global communities through their commitment to charitable endeavours, their sense of personal accountability and their willingness to lead by example by working above and beyond the call of duty.

We believe that success is the product of earnest endeavours by a dedicated team and, just as the star on the Union Jack represents cohesion, interconnectedness and British values, our star reflects a desire to bring together people of all faiths and none. We want to unite people of all cultures and talents for a common purpose – working together for the greater good. The fact that the star has been used for four millennia by cultures across the globe accentuates its relevance as an international and inclusive symbol, which has significance to people from all backgrounds.

The star also represents our belief that the nurturing of human talent can unlock the beauty of our collective promise and improve the lives of all of our people, and ambition plays a fundamental role in that. By encouraging our pupils and staff to reach for the stars and rise above any perceived limitations, we instil them with high aspirations, a desire to learn and an ambition to achieve, and this in turn has an uplifting effect on the local community.

Our star is also a mark of respect – when staff put on their identity badges, they seek to embody the values that our organisation represents and when pupils wear the Star Academies uniform, they know that they are acting as ambassadors for our schools and that they must conduct themselves with character, integrity, and treat each other as they would wish to be treated. This means that when the local community sees our logo, they associate it with exemplary behaviour, high standards and outstanding results, just as those who benefit from our charity work will view the star as a sign of our giving ethos.

By exemplifying the characteristics of Service, Teamwork, Ambition and Respect, our pupils, staff and stakeholders will work together to form networks and constellations that illuminate the educational landscape and lighten the lives of our Star family.

We are Star.

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